2012-2013 Revenue

The pie chart below depicts our incoming revenue and the percentages breakdown for fiscal year 2013.

Grant money is received specifically allocated for supplies, employee pay, mileage, etc.

Matching Volunteer Dollars is figured by a standardized rate of pay if our volunteers charged us for the work they do, it is not actual money.

Non-Monetary Public Donations or In-Kind Donations are donated items, such as clothing, toiletries, or other tax deductible items we would write a receipt for.

2012-2013 Revenue Pie Chart

The graph at the bottom of the page depicts our largest grant funding monies in 2012 (purple) and 2013 (teal).Most grants have shown a slight to moderate decline with no sign to increase in the future.

Grants are becoming more difficult to maintain or to receive new grants.

At River House we try our best not to allow our budget to effect our services, however, our homeless programs have obviously been the hardest hit, with us changing to a “Safe House” only shelter, meaning we no longer accept clients for shelter that do not have a Domestic/Sexual Abuse history.

2012 to 2013 Grant Comparison

Definitions of above abbreviations:
DVB-Domestic Violence Board, VOCA-Victims of Crime Act, ESG-Emergency Shelter Grant,
CACFP-Child and Adult Food Care Program, EFSP-Emergency Food and Shelter Program

Chad Parrent, Financial Coordinator