Youth Summer Recreation Program A Success!

River House Youth Summer Recreation Groups came to an end this week.

We had 2 groups; Group A was ages 7-11 and Group B was ages 12-14. Attendance each week was very good and the kids participated in our discussions and enjoyed the activities.

As the Youth Advocate I felt it was a successful first year and am looking forward to hopefully expanding the program next Summer.

Each week there was a themed discussion such as bullying, safety planning, setting healthy boundaries and healthy relationship just to name a few. Each discussion was accompanied with a fun activity. Such activities included going to the beach, nature hikes at Hartwick Pines State Park, tour of Call of the Wild- Gaylord, MI, visiting the Animal Shelter of Crawford County and walking the dogs, bowling, Roscommon Zoo, River Day and end of the year pool party at Super 8 Grayling.

Thank you to everyone who supported this program by donating snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, first-aid-kits, toys and financial assistance. Thank you also to the above businesses twho allowed us to visit without charge. We could not have done all this without everyone’s support!

On the last day this card was left on our lobby table by someone from Group B. <3

Annie H., Youth Advocate